Gamera Vs. Viras

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Movies: Gamera Vs. Viras Director: Noriaki Yuasa Cast: Kojiro Hongo, Toru Takatsuka, Carl Craig, Michiko Yaegaki, Mari Atsumi, Junko Yashiro, Peter Williams, Koji Fujiyama, Yoshiro Kitahara, Munehiko Takada, Mary Morris, Chikara Hashimoto, Kenji Go, Akira Natsuki, Ken Nakahara Production Co:  Genres: Action | Family | Sci-Fi Runtime:  Country:  Release Date:  
A group of aliens from another planet head for Earth with the intentions of conquering it. Their first ship is destroyed in transit by the giant flying turtle Gamera. A second ship makes it to Earth and captures two Boy Scouts and holds them captive so that Gamera will not attack them. The aliens then implant a remote control device into the monster's neck and use the great turtle to attack Tokyo. The boys then come up with a plan to foul up the remote control device to the point where Gamera do..
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